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...years have passed through the worlds but still he sat there stooped, leaning his head upon his fist, sunken in a deep thought.

Silent and great he seemed, as if carved upon that mountain, like a sculpture on its throne which no one dared to approach fearing his wrath if waked from eternal thought.

For generations he sat there motionless, defying winds and storms and time; and he did not wither or so it had looked until one day he crumbled into dust; and after he was gone no one knew was he real or just a myth but long after his time tales are told about him; this is just one of many...

Giant Buato


This story is a literature work dedicated to a divine fantasy creature, immense and mystical, a friend... the owner of The Magical Boots. It is a short fiction story woven with humour and imagination, a fairytale made of dreams, a tale of true romance and unique adventure.
This short story is the first in the Magical boots tale trilogy... Sequels coming soon!

It's a story about THE MAGICAL BOOTS (click here for humour and fiction, for fantasy and advabture, for the short fairytale story)

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