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Currently, we have a few ongoing projects of the highest priority and they are all listed below, so please take a look on our plan for the future. We are not sure when any of these projects will be completed or published but we'll keep you informed of the progress right here on this page so please come back periodically to find out what's happening and if there are any new changes to the particular project. If you have any suggestions or comments on any of the projects, or maybe you think there's a way you can contribute, please write to us and we'll be glad to accept your help. Thank You.

The Magical Boots II: The Grand Theft >>> - a humorous short fiction story, sequel to The Magical Boots, a true fairytale

Exsto (Project: Human) >>> - serene poetry at one place, planning phase

The Legacy >>> - a grim future befell an old man, world is his burden, the story... his legacy

Dubrovnik Guide >>> Information and Guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia, nearly finished, check it online